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We believe that success is the result of combining brilliant ideas with diligent execution.

We are a creative digital agency based in Prince Edward County which serves eastern Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville). We work hand-in-hand with companies to develop one-of-a-kind inbound marketing and lead generation strategies to reach new clients and take their business to the next level. From prospecting to promotion, we create campaigns that convert clicks into quality leads. Our approach brings together data-driven thinking with conversion-oriented marketing practices, delivering on your marketing and creative needs every day.

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Inbound Marketing |  Learn How to Show Up First Online


Content Marketing 101

Learn how to create and publish content on popular platforms such as wordpress and drive traffic to it through search and social channels.

Creating Content for Search

Learn how to create pages and posts that target particular keywords. Do topic research using Google’s keyword planner and webmaster tools.

Promoting Content on Social

Learn how to promote posts and pages on secondary social platforms. We will walk you through how to create, publish, test and promote content in order to produce real business results.


SEO | PPC Management | Content Writing

Rank Higher on Paid and Organic Results | Drop your Cost per Acquisition | Convert more Clicks into Customers

Our Approach | Search First Focus

to  Content Creation & Inbound Marketing

We believe what gets measured gets managed. That why when it comes to campaign development and targeting Click Shift takes a unique quality score-driven approach to ads and landing page development. Put simply, this means that landing pages are developed to ensure corresponding keywords that are bid on in AdWords always receive top-quality scores from Google. Naturally, this inbound marketing approach means that you get more paid visitors for less money while also getting more organic visitors. Double win!

Search Marketing & Optimization | Keyword Research & Ad Development | Tracking, Analytics & Attribution

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Conversion Optimization |  Learn How to Turn Web Traffic into Quality Inquiries


Tracking and Analytics 101

Learn how to implement and use web tracking software to better understand how customers are interacting with your content online. A great course for teams looking to actively grow their web presence.

PPC Advertising and User Targeting

Learn how to target perspective customers online using popular social and search platforms such as adwords and facebook. Learn how to track visitors and retarget them on  secondary platforms.

Testing and Conversion Optimization

Learn how to A/B test content and pages along with track the performance and cost of your advertising. A great course for anyone looking to reduce their advertising cost per conversions.

Web Design | User Experience Testing

Create highly targeted and relevant landing pages | Speak to the customer’s particular Inquiry | Find and fix holes in your conversion funnel

Our Approach | Data Driven Thinking

about Web Design & Content Marketing  

While getting visitors to your site is great, what matters is converting them into customers. With this in mind, we create related keyword landing pages to narrowly push visitors to take a specific step or set of steps that lead to a conversion. We track and test the performance of every stage of the funnel on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting an optimal conversion rate.

Landing & Conversion Page Development | Content Marketing | Email, Social & Drip Campaigns | Conversion Path Optimization



Marketing Automation | We Automate Standard Sales & Marketing Tasks


Online Team Collaboration

Learn how to manage projects using Trello and communicate with your team using Slack. Understand common tool sets such as google drive, documents and sheets and how they can help improve your team workflow and process.

Automatic Replies and Basic Automation

Learn how to have user actions such as form submissions trigger automatic emails and reminders using tools like Zapier. Improve your relationship with customers by getting them key information faster.

Customer Nurturing and Retention

Learn how to use a variety of CRM’s and other online solutions to keep in touch with customers and ensure they remember you next time they are ready to buy. Build better relationships by using reminders and automation.

Automated Email, Social & Drip Campaigns

Automated Replies to Inquiries | Smart Routing & Customer Tracking | Call Tracking and Monitoring | CRM, Project Management and Sales Tools Integration 

Our Approach |  Build Better Relationship  

 Through Automated Email Replies & Warm Follow up Sequences

As a search engine marketing company, we not only get you found but help turn your clicks into customers. We help companies do this by  automating stardard marketing and sales tasks (ie. email replies to inquiries), integrating CRM’s and sales tools and by tying together your teams work with tools like Slack & Trello.  Leveraging leading conversion optimization tools and best practices, we help optimize all of the marketing touchpoints affecting a customer’s lifetime spend, rather than simply those leading to their initial inquiry. 

Marketing Automation | CRM & SAAS Integration| Process Mapping and Optimization



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8 Ways to Generate More Leads Online Today

Online Lead Generation Toronto 1) Leverage Your Teams Networking Power Likely you have a couple staff that really work the web for what it is worth socially. The remaining portion of your team does not see what is in it for them. Shortcut this problem by having your...
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An Introduction to Sustainable Lead Generation

Click Shift Marketing & Design | Generate Leads Online The only way to generate leads sustainably is to have a balanced outbound, inbound and retention strategy. But before examining what this looks like it is important to first address what is meant by lead...
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5 Ways to Easily Generate Leads Today.

Online Lead Generation Montreal "The Only way to Generate Leads sustainably is to have a balanced outbound, inbound and retention strategy." But there are tons of ways to actually produce leads. But first - what is lead generation? Lead Generation is the crossover...
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Online Marketing and SEO Workshops Near Toronto, Ontario

FEELING OVERWHELMED AND NEED SOME TECHNICAL REFRESHERS?  WE WORK WITH YOUR TEAM.Click Shift which specializes in Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation offers virual and live web seminars that are designed for big thinkers who want a snapshot of technology....
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Increasing the Reach of Your Content Marketing

Inbound marketing is more than just content creation and search engine optimization. Here are 5 must have features to bring your inbound marketing to the next level. Integration of a Email List Builder and Management Tool - Lightbox pop-ups or on page prompts will...
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SEO Checklist

Here is a quick SEO Checklist of 16 things you can do to BOOST your ranking on search engines and get found online. Stick to this SEO Checklist and you will get found! 1) SPREAD YOUR NAME Submit your site information to directories, list it in social book marking...
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Targeting Particular Keywords

In order to rank on a particular set of keywords you need to begin by doing some keyword research in order to determine both what your primary and secondary set of keywords are. Keywords are what you will try to use extensively 1) throughout your sites articles (3-5%...
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Off Page SEO (A List of Possibilities)

1). Social Networking Sites 2). Blogs 3). Forum Postings 4). Search Engine Submission 5). Directory Submission 6). Social Bookmarking 7). Link Exchange 8). Cross-Linking  between Internal Pages 9). Photo Sharing Sites 10). Create Videos  11). Write Reviews 12). Local...
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Conversion Optimization

The internet in a certain sense separates individuals from the various things that we may typically use to identify them or the spaces they inhabit. If I were, for instance, to visit a brick and mortar store I would know a hand full of facts about that store which...
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is more than simply  part of web marketing it is quite literally the art, lubricant and accelerant the makes a web site successful. The unfortunate thing is that it like its traditional counterpart, sales departments, operate by...
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Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

Meet Click Shift Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation We have a search-first focus to digital marketing. You are a data driven company built around the concept that "what get's measured gets managed". 1) Planning and Researching Marketing Campaigns (identifying...
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Marketing Agencies in Belleville, Ontario

Below is a list of marketing companies that serve Belleville, Prince Edward County, Trenton, Kingston, Picton, Bloomfield and Napanee. Click Shift Marketing Click Shift  | Online Marketing and Lead Generation 1635 County Road 12, Prince Edward County (613) 885 - 8699...
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Experiential & Event Analytics

Live Gauge Event Monitoring Solution LiveGauge produces event monitoring sensors that passively track the digital signature given off by cellphones in order to provide analytics and real-time attribution for events and activations. Experiential and event marketing...
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