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Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Can help you

1) Generate Leads,

2) Turn Leads in Customers,

and 3)  Customers into Raving Fans.

We are a Prince Edward County based marketing agency who serves clients across south eastern Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and Belleville. Our focus is helping clients generate, qualify and nurture leads. These critical aspects of business are typically handled internally. As such, our team works hand-in-hand with companies to:

  • develop and implement inbound marketing strategies
  • train and equip employees
  • establish and map out repeatable content marketing processes
  • put the right lead generation and management tools in place

We do this so that your company can efficiently and effectively

  •  target customers and generate leads
  • qualify and nurture leads in a proactive (rather than reactive) way
  • retain customers and get refferals

8 Ways to Generate More Leads Online Today

Online Lead Generation Toronto 1) Leverage Your Teams Networking Power Likely you have a couple staff that really work the web for what it is worth socially. The remaining portion of your team does not see what is in it for them. Shortcut this problem by having your...
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An Introduction to Sustainable Lead Generation

The only way to generate leads sustainably is to have a balanced outbound, inbound and retention strategy. But before examining what this looks like it is important to first address what is meant by lead generation. What is Inbound Lead Generation? Lead...
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Does Your Website Suck at Generating Leads?

Does Your Website Suck at  Generating Leads? Don't worry most do....   No need to stress - most do and it's usually not that hard to fix. My name is Dave and promise I can help. The fact that you are reading this is proof that you don't need a...
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The Future of Mobile & Marketing

Mobile & Inbound Marketing |  Presentation Notes & Slides 3 Mobile & Social Thought Leaders Hilary Rushford Think with Google Gary Vaynerchuk Key Insights & Lessons for 2017 We live in a mobile-first world We Move Freely Across Devices Context Changes...
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Online Brand Awareness Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – Click Through Rates (CTR)

Click Through Rates & Indicators Click through rates reflect several factors. Among these one can include: Location and Ranking Type of Advertisement (CTA, Search Results, PPC Ad) Brand Awareness Relevance Familiarity Attitude Urgency Reward Intent While moments...
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Inbound Marketing Agency Montreal – Generate More Leads Online

Inbound Marketing is a content driven approach to lead generation that emphasizes the creation of keyword targeted and highly relevant content and amplification through social and PPC channels. Our agencies approach prioritizes the generation of content based of...
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How to Track Web Leads & Why Attribution Matters

How to Set Up Basic Web Tracking and Attribution There are several considerations at play when one is looking to track web leads. Provided you are driving traffic from secondary search and social pages to a website of your own the answer is relatively simple. Google...
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Keyword Targeted Landing Pages – Do They Still Matter?

Keyword targeted landing pages are as their name suggests - landing pages that are created about a particular topic which people are searching for. Keywords targeted landing pages are the basis of most search engine optimization efforts as they house the content that...
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Account Based Marketing Versus Demand Generation – Online Lead Genration Strategies

When comparing marketing styles I always compare three aspect; customer targeting, customer acquisition and customer retention. When it comes to customer targeting account based marketers focus their efforts on their channel of delivery. Messaging is always designed...
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Lead Generation – Why Inbound Content Marketing Works

Using content marketing tactics to generate leads is a tried and tested lead generation method. Typically inbound marketing agencies attempting to do this follow some form of the following steps; 1) identify customer use cases  2) identify perspective...
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Montreal Inbound Marketing Agency – Generate More Leads Online Today

Inbound marketing is a content driven approach to search, social and PPC marketing. At Click Shift Inbound Marketing and lead generation we create content designed to convert. We achieve this by curating content that not only reflects your targets positioning and...
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Toronto Promotional Marketing Campaign Solutions – Event Analytics

Click Shift marketing is a agency passionate about your activations and how to bring events to life. We provide actionable data and insights about real time events and the people who are participating at them. We supply live event monitoring and tracking in addion to...
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Back to the basics –

What is inbound marketing?

At Click Shift, we make it easy to find help with Inbound Marketing in Toronto, which can help you land clients, grow business, and expand your brand beyond your wildest dreams. Need help with Inbound Marketing in Ottawa or other areas? At Click Shift, we have a wide reach so we can help you wherever you are. We’re here to help in any capacity, so let’s start with some advice about our particular marketing strategy, and why it works for us and our clients – we’re talking Inbound Marketing.

Marketing takes many forms online and you’ve probably constantly seen the most visible ways like banner ads, sponsored postings, or video ads that play before a clip on YouTube. What you may not know is there’s more ways to get your message out to potential clients in ways that are much better at getting your brand noticed and making a statement a customer can’t ignore. That’s where Inbound Marketing comes in. Instead of reaching “out” to customers, this method means you’re bringing them “in” to your business and brand, and guiding them through the process of converting their potential investment to actual buying. We consider this funnel-driven marketing strategy to be infintely more successful, and often way cheaper to maintain in the long run. Sometimes called content marketing, this inbound strategy means focusing on attracting customers with offers that guide them through the process of purchasing your product or service, in a way that builds value high enough for them to be motivated to purchase. This can be done through blogs, podcasts, whitepaper downloads, free ebooks, product giveaways, social media promotions, and many other creative strategies that bring customers to you.

Specialties: Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Web Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design, Business Development, Sales, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving

Dave Bussell, Founder of Click Shift Marketing

Toronto, Ontario, Canada “I am data-driven technical marketer with extensive experience in UXD, SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, and marketing automation. While marketing success is measured by sales, what ensures a company’s continued growth is a keen understanding of a customer’s experience. It’s this ability to step into the customer’s shoes and build a seamless and seductive buying experience that I bring to the table. Having studied Law, Linguistics and Philosophy I have a very pragmatic approach to problem solving, and am excellent at clarifying issues and both identifying the evaluating the advantages of taking particular steps, making me an excellent addition to any team.”

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A Data-Driven Growth Marketing Agency

Click Shift Marketing

  • Develop a digital presence that can sustainably generate leads
  • Create integrated work flows and processes to ensure leads are properly nurtured
  • Understand your customer needs and excel at meeting them
  • Reinforce your market position by clarifying and reinforcing your value proposition
  • Focus and differentiate yourself form competition and eliminate barriers to growth

Our Approach

 Because of the nature of businesses, there is simply no single silver bullet to generating more leads. That said, we always approach the problem by analyzing three aspects of your business. These are customer targeting, acquisition and retention. The first is how you target leads. Understanding who your customer is, the ways they typically encounter your service, and your place among competitors is key to creating a place for your brand. Understanding this helps us assess whether or not your current lead generation model is performing as successfully as it could in acquiring customers.  We help you find unexploited channels to explore and improve on existing lead generation channels. Last but not least we help you look at your ability to turn one-time customers into repeat business. This is often the most critical aspect of building a sustainable lead generation funnel. We combine automated solutions with CRM and tracking software to ensure your staff is properly equipped build lasting relationships with customers. This is combined with tools to allow you to track and reward your staff’s performance, the key to building a successful sales funnel.

Our Guarantee

We fully stand behind the work we do and truly believe that the only way to succeed in to create measurable and sustainable value for clients. For this reason, all projects with Click Shift Marketing start with clarifying your expectations. Whether it is generating leads or improving your current close rate, we understand that results matter. That is why every project is tied to a clear deliverable so your spending means direct and measurable results.

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