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At Click Shift Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation our central aim is to hlep you: 

1)Generate topic authority content for the purposes of inbound marketing (inbound “content”beliefing)

2) Create and target the delivery of educational content to identified prospective clients (outbound “account-based” lead generation)

Our combination of inbound content marketing and outbound lead generation strategies often gets us labeled as an integrated marketing agency. What separates us from most of our competitors in this respect is a belief that the data gleamed from good outbound marketing (fishing) can be used to inform more long term inbound marketing strategies. The major added benefit is that is also balances lead generation efforts to ensure a constant stream of perspective clients. This constant stream while sometime less efficient that growth marketing alternatives allows for business planning and a product first focus to business development. Attempting to facilitate communication with key authorities on the topic, infuences and early product adopters is all viable under the approach.

Our Approach:

Build Topic Authority and Brand Awareness

We approach all marketing projects by identifying four types of opportunities. We believe the extent to which your brand addresses these opportunities is directly correlated to its overall success online. These opportunities are derived from what Google calls the ‘Micro Moments’ that happen along a customer’s path to purchase. These are want to know, want to go, want to buy and want to do moments. These micro moments are opportunities to interrupt an existing brand relation and establish a new one.

We help you interpret buying patterns by:

1) Creating Content based on Searches for Your Product or Service

2) Create Topic Based Content (Technical Q&A, Performance Information, Educational Papers)

3) Create Comparative Information about Industry Suppliers  

4) Create Affinity Audience information about Topics identified as areas of authority.

What is the Goal of Content Created?

To Drive prospects to take steps that both convert and show the relavance of the prospect. 

The content we create on these topics can be used to: 

1) To Position Company Staff as Leading Industry Experts

2) Request Industry and Media Coverage

3) To Target Keyword, Topic, Product or Service Searches on Google and Bing

4) To Share in Professional Groups and Social Networks  As sales collateral when closing deals

The central aims of these efforts will be to: 

– Educate prospective clients on your companies key differentiators

– Showcase the reason why working with you helps achieve tangible goals

The bottom line.

While theory is great what ultimately matters in performance. It is for this reason that at the heart of our strategy is keen consideration of real business indicators that affect your bottom line. Driven by perfomance our focus on the following goals is what utlimately seperates us from the competition.  A Stable Lead Funnel to Power Growth and Profitability Sustainability Higher Page Rankings and Clickthrough Rates on Search Engines Higher Social and Search Amplification on Networks More Sales Leads and Inquiries Higher Sales and Revenue Improved Web Conversion Rate Lower Cost Per Lead Improved Sales Conversion Rates Increased Average Transaction Price Increased Transaction Frequency

We Take a Search First Focus to Content Creation & Online Marketing

We deliver truly bespoke targeted campaigns packed full of fresh, relevant, and personalized content which both boosts your organic results and improves your quality scores. This, combined with audience targeting with advertising along with direct response marketing ensures that you rank on both paid and organic search terms.

We are Focused on Creating Real Business Results from your Online Presence

The modern customer journey is complex and requires more than simply targeting the right search keywords. We help you drive brand awareness through strategy, creativity, and technology to better improve your customer’s experience along their path to purchase.  We know that different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions based on industry, business size and targeted customer. So, we help you discover the most important moments along the customer’s journey and eliminate barriers to buy.

We are Data Driven Thinkers when it comes to Content Marketing & Remarketing

We help you clarify customer expectations and meet the increasingly rigorous analysis retailers and services providers are subjected to. Our demand generation strategies are aligned with your key corporate business goals, and are designed to leverage audience data and automation while maximizing customer lifetime spend. We assist in achieve all this by subjecting every asset to rigorous testing and analysis to ensure it facilitates increased conversions.

Back to the basics –

What is inbound marketing?

At Click Shift, we make it easy to find help with Inbound Marketing in Toronto, which can help you land clients, grow business, and expand your brand beyond your wildest dreams. Need help with Inbound Marketing in Ottawa or other areas? At Click Shift, we have a wide reach so we can help you wherever you are. We’re here to help in any capacity, so let’s start with some advice about our particular marketing strategy, and why it works for us and our clients – we’re talking Inbound Marketing.

Marketing takes many forms online and you’ve probably constantly seen the most visible ways like banner ads, sponsored postings, or video ads that play before a clip on YouTube. What you may not know is there’s more ways to get your message out to potential clients in ways that are much better at getting your brand noticed and making a statement a customer can’t ignore. That’s where Inbound Marketing comes in. Instead of reaching “out” to customers, this method means you’re bringing them “in” to your business and brand, and guiding them through the process of converting their potential investment to actual buying. We consider this funnel-driven marketing strategy to be infintely more successful, and often way cheaper to maintain in the long run. Sometimes called content marketing, this inbound strategy means focusing on attracting customers with offers that guide them through the process of purchasing your product or service, in a way that builds value high enough for them to be motivated to purchase. This can be done through blogs, podcasts, whitepaper downloads, free ebooks, product giveaways, social media promotions, and many other creative strategies that bring customers to you.

Why not say hello? | (613)885-8693

How do you get more people to take actions on a website?

The Answer | Funnel-Driven Design

“While getting visitors to your site is great, what matters is converting them into customers. With this in mind, keyword-related landing pages are created to narrowly push visitors to take a specific step, or set of steps that lead to a conversion. We track and test the performance of every stage of the funnel on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the most optimal conversion rate.”

David Bussell, Owner of Click Shift

Why should I care?

Not only is this kind of marketing cheaper and more easy to maintain a longer campaign with, it’s more attractive to customers because it has a repeated process of building value to a potential client or customer. Along the path of your inbound strategy, the potential purchaser receives more and more information and perks to make them more motivated to end in a positive result. This is much, much more effective than more traditional outbound methods like mailers, spam, and telemarketing. Think about it this way – are you more likely to buy something from a salesperson who has taken the time to give you free samples, share details about the product, and answered all your questions patiently and generously? Or, are you going to be more motivated to buy from some grumpy teenager handing out a flyer for a sale at a shop they don’t even work at or know the products from? The difference is noticeable not only in your marketing outspend, but in the results.

How do I make inbound marketing work for me?

First step – hire a team that has experience working in the area, like Click Shift! Not only do we know what we’re doing, but we make it a pleasant experience for you. Beyond that, think about what we tell every client when they sit down with us:

  • Know your angle
  • Work out clear expectations
  • Find performance checkpoints to help guide along the way
  • Know your budget and work within it
  • Find a way to make your passion shine through

The best way to make this strategy work for you and your brand is to make sure you’re working with a team that can help you with every step of the way. Then, once you’ve got a plan in place, it’s all about making sure it’s managed along the way as customer preferences change. When you’ve got a focus on this, the possibilities for success are endless! Check out our list of Inbound Marketing services to get started.

our INBOUND MARKETING strategies help you

build better relationships with your customers online

Set a Marketing Budget Based on Your Cost Per Aquisition
When properly designed, funnels convert clicks into conversion at the lowest price possible. For this reason setting an upper limit on cost per conversion allows you to maximize the traffic you pay for without risking a negative return on your ad spend. In order to establish conversion rates, funnels require testing – which means some preliminary spending without a clear projection on funnel performance. While increasing business, brand awareness and web traffic are useful goals, we help you tie all campaign spending to distinct instances of conversion directly correlated to a business objective.
Test Your Marketing Channels and Refine Your Marketing and Lead Generation Spend
Once you set your budget, we help you launch the campaign. With analytics and attribution in place we’re in a position to measure, interpret, and communicate the strategic marketing insights gleaned from your campaign. Constant monitoring of an Adwords campaigns performance is critical to ensure that it’s targeting the right people and effectively generating the desired conversions. Search and display ads targeted at keywords are only one of our huge variety of targeting methods we help you integrate to increase sales and conversions for your business.
Expand Your Audience
As data accrues in both AdWords and analytics, we can help you assess how your campaign is reaching the demographics you want. Working backwards from accrued demographics data on successful conversions, we help you to both better refine the existing campaigns, and define your remarketing audience (prospective clients that have come through your funnel but didn’t convert) and affinity audience (perspective clients similar in demographic and interests to those who successfully converted). Then we help you figure out who could be targeted in the future, based on their interest, geographic location or other targetable feature.
Assess channel performance down to the cost per lead and attribute your budget accordingly
In addition to refining the targeted audience we help you learn and use a variety of tools to asses the performance of the funnel, knowing that conversion optimization requires gathering and analyzing the cumulative clickstream data of associated with a funnel. Clickstream data is the aggregate data about which pages visitors view, in what order and how they interact with a given page. The result of the succession of mouse clicks each visitor makes is scrutinized to find barriers to purchase, pages with low conversion, and opportunities for improvement.
Optimize UX and Test Variations
Once we help you find your opportunity, either an a/b or multivariate test is setup to assess if changes can improve the page and/or funnel’s performance. Once a statistically significant improvement is established, the campaign is updated and we assist in implementing other tests along the way to improve a campaign’s performance.
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