David Bussell

Owner, Click Shift Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation - From Toronto to Montreal and everywhere in between.

✓ GET GROWTH ON DEMAND WITH DATA DRIVEN INBOUND MARKETING AND LEAD GENERATION SERVICES “Stop guessing and start performing with on-demand search based lead generation. Click Shift is a full service performance marketing agency that helps organizations target, acquire and retain customers. Click Shift helps you achieve this by handling everything from keyword research and ad creation to landing page development and conversion optimization.

Whether you are looking to bolster your credibility, focus your message, deepen audience engagement or anticipate service needs we can help! We leverage your biggest opportunities in search marketing and combine them with content driven campaign funnels that convert clicks into leads- guaranteed! Phone: 1(613)885-8693 Email: team@clickshift.ca   

Click Shift Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation  We are located in Prince Edward County. The County is a just south of Belleville. It is a popular vacation destination for Torontonians looking for beaches. The area attracts allot of visitors from Montreal and Quebec becouse it is the closest white sandy beaches of their scale near to Quebec. Dave and Katy, Owners of Click Shift Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation, choose the county becouse it was a cheerished place for creativity and full of people we absolutely love and adore. Dave and Katy met in their Master degree’s while living in Ottawa and attending Carleton University. Dave has his masters degree is Philosophy with a focus on language and context. Katy has her masters degree in Art History having studied the digital amplification of art and the possibilities of a distributed networks. Montreal is Katy and Dave’s second home. When we get to escape it is where we go. We are in the process of establishing an office in Montreal. Serving Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, Belleville, Quinte and Prince Edward County

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