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/// David Bussell / Digital Marketing Strategist and Owner of Click Shift Marketing

Dave is data driven growth marketer with extensive experience in UX, SEO, SEM, conversion optimization and marketing automation. He brings an unmatched understanding of a customer’s experience and has the ability to step into their shoes to build a seamless and seductive buying experience. Having studied Law, Linguistics and Philosophy, Dave has a pragmatic approach to problem solving and is excellent at both clarifying issues and evaluating the advantages of taking particular steps.

David works with clients to help clarify their strategic direction, map their lead generation plan and content marketing processes, as well as providing technical support. On the daily, Dave helps clients target customers & generate leads online, capture leads, track sales and asses their marketing performance. Dave is passionate about finding and integrating marketing solutions that help facilitate project management and nurture leads.

Drop me a line at (613) 885 – 8693 or email me at dave@clickshift.ca

A Data-Driven Growth Marketing Agency

Click Shift Marketing

  • Develop a digital presence that can sustainably generate leads
  • Create integrated work flows and processes to ensure leads are properly nurtured
  • Understand your customer needs and excel at meeting them
  • Reinforce your market position by clarifying and reinforcing your value proposition
  • Focus and differentiate yourself form competition and eliminate barriers to growth

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