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The Evolution of Content Generation

Why CMO’s are Rethinking Content Generation in the World of Inbound 2.0 Article by David Bussell | Owner of Click Shift Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation Today’s marketing leaders are constantly looking to expand the toolsets of their teams. In the early days of inbound marketing this meant building teams of content writers, developers, graphic designers and, if you are edgy, possibly a user experience tester and a search optimizer. Today’s marketing teams are quickly changing with the advent of Inbound 2.0 and the wide availability of tools that facilitate design thinking and data driven marketing. Content creation tools are the future of web marketing, because as they say, content is king. For Inbound 1.0, the key objective was the manual generation of keyword targeted content. However, for Inbound 2.0, the focus is to create automatic, personalized and data driven content. So what does it mean to create great content in the world of Inbound 2.0?   Summary: At Click Shift we believe a dynamic and informative landing page experience is the key to increasing website conversion rates. Optimizing user experience, gating content and creating rich and informative experiences can as much as triple your on page conversion rates.

Click Shift helps marketers and agencies provide interactivity and personalisation to their website experiences.  We build funnels that collects information from a perspective clients and provides them with instant value through education and data driven insights with with no upfront investment.

What is disruptive about technology we use  is that it undercuts the need for what traditionally would require teams of people to achieve. It puts the ability to present personalized solutions into the hands of growth-oriented businesses in a way previously impossible.

Our LEAD NURTURING strategies help you

keep your leads warm & your customers warmer.


We helps clients automate

Business Processes and Lead Management



Marketing Automation

Marketing automation works best when it automates or expedites repetitive lead nurturing tasks. Whether it being sending a follow up email after every call or sending reminders a fixed intervals before an event, we can help. We help you nurture your relationships with drip marketing campaigns that respond to how your leads engage with you. Never leave a lead out in the cold – ensure that you nurture potential, exiting and return clients at each stage of the buying process.


CRM Integration

Full-cycle lead nurturing is not only ideal for growth, but fundamental. Businesses are built on relationships, and relationships are managed with great workflows and processes. Technology should save you time – not cost it. We help you integrate your prospecting, task management, lead generation and nurturing solutions together with your CRM to create a single seamless process for agents.

Process Mapping & Optimization

Having the right processes and people in place will always make finding the right technology easier. We help companies map out their internal work flows and connect them to lead generation systems, ensuring that company-wide processes are measured, refined and improved. We want to be certain you not only find customers, but turn them into raving fans for life!

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How do you use a customer’s experience to improve conversion rates?

The Answer | Attribution-Driven Optimization

“We not only get you found, but help turn your clicks into conversions. Leveraging leading conversion optimization tools and best practices, we help optimize all the marketing touchpoints affecting a customer’s lifetime spend rather than simply those leading to their initial inquiry. We believe sustainable growth is rooted in the development of cohesive customer journeys that deepen the relationship between a service provider and customer, from first impression on a SERP to them becoming a return client. ”

David Bussell, Owner of Click Shift

Grow your leads, grow your business

If you’re hitting the mark right, you’ll end up with a Lead – the whole point! This means you’ve got the contact information and sometimes the demographic information of a potential buyer. The job doesn’t stop there, though. Sometimes the biggest mistake is to count this as a win and send each potential lead the same information and offers, letting your lead dry up and your outspend go to waste.

This is where Lead nurturing comes in.

By getting to know your leads by the demographic, referral source and overall qualities, you can separate them by strategy. By building the right approach to reach the right leads, you can help lead your customers down the funnel to convert them to sales, all with much higher success rates and smaller resource outspend.

The best way to do this is to work with an agency to help you build the strategy that’s right for you and your business, meaning you can focus on what you do best while Click Shift handles the rest.

Asses Channel Performance with Real-time Metrics

While measuring campaign performance is critical, it’s important to consider the broader effect of the campaign on improving brand awareness.  While a prospective client may not take immediate action, the campaign may nevertheless equip them to pursue an alternative path to purchase. As a consequence it is critical to measure both the direct results of the campaign, as well as the broader growth of the business.

Refine Sales Processes based on Customer Experience

Providing and implementing strategic recommendations requires identifying your unique business objectives, value proposition, and available opportunities. While no two business are alike, performance-based marketing requires that certain fundamental processes be in place: a trained and scripted sales team, appropriate sales collateral, and a customer relationship management tool. All these are critical to guaranteed results.  Ensuring a tight sales funnel and that full cycle nurturing is in place is critical to gaining the most value from the online demand created for your service. With these fundamentals in place, we identify and focus on clear objectives to achieve a clear definition of success.

Assess the Broader Effects of Your Marketing Efforts

A robust, data-driven attribution system is critical to properly asses both a campaign’s value, as well as the impact of all touchpoints leading to a desired outcome. While the path from impression to conversion is critical, it must be understood in the broader context of the full customer journey. Insights gleaned from proper tracking across the full customer journey (from first impression to first and subsequent purchases) can be used to inform better customer targeting and ad spend, sales and service fulfillment decisions, as well as deciding what services to offer and how to price them.

Establish Routine Reporting Practices for Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Throughout the entire process of developing and refining campaigns, it is critical to document a company evolving marketing presence over time. Without proper documentation, it’s impossible to untangle the effect of market forces and day-to-day business practices from search marketing efforts. More critically, proper documentation allows appropriate signposting for broader business growth attribution. The importance of this from a strategic perspective cannot be overstated.

Use Customer Expereriences to Refine Marketing Spend and Improve Sales Practices

As a campaign matures, the broader goal is to use the insights from it to inform broader marketing and business development decisions. Success in this respect requires fostering a data-inquisitive culture — one where team members use campaign data to answer key questions, as well as their experience — to provide strategic recommendations for testing.

When you need a business bump, sometimes you might want to take matters into your own hands, we get it. But sometimes, you can turn to a million different methods that can take up your whole marketing budget and leave you with less than stellar results. Working with the right agency to help you figure out the best bang for your buck can mean the difference between disappointment and stellar results. One of the best ways to get solid business prospects is a technique called Lead Generation. It’s a great way to reach out to customers in a direct way to spark interest, develop brand awareness, and make your effort matter.

You might think it’s magic, but we call it good business

We’ve come a long way in society from early ad selling days, so it’s no wonder that our techniques of reaching out to prospective buyers has evolved over time too. Something we like to help our clients understand is that lead generation is so much more than cold-calling and telemarketing, like it used to be. Now, there are amazing and nearly invisible ways to grow and nurture your leads. The most popular methods are the least obvious to a potential buyer, which makes them easy to forget from a business strategy perspective as well. Direct traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) and web referrals (from other pages) make up the most effective areas to invest your adspend. There are a ton of different ways to put your resources to work, ranging from targeted content marketing campaigns to adword management that help you rank higher and get noticed by a customer searching. Hiring an agency to help you is the best way to build a plan and put it into action. Of course, there are still more hands-on methods that are tried and tested. Email and message outreach can often be a solid way to communicate with potential buyers you’ve wanted to reach but couldn’t in a more indirect way. Extremely targeted ads can help, and building distribution lists through your website to capture emails can also be a huge improvement, even if they’re more traditional and less high-tech. Every business has different needs and at Click Shift, we work with you to make sure you get the results you want at a price that works for you.

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